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Tips for travelling with a baby

August 25, 2017

Travelling with babies

My husband’s family has a house in Nassau, Bahamas. We have been lucky to visit every year. Our first trip was when my son was 11 months old and I was 3 months pregnant with our second son.  I was nervous bringing him on the plane but he did great! Here are my tips for keeping your baby content while in the air!

  • Carry on items. Obviously, the diaper bag packed with the essentials. Add extra snacks and new toys and books
  • Always travel with a stroller, walk it right to the gate. That way you have it as soon as you are off the plane. Strollers are amazing to have for nap time while on vacation. Bonus if you have a stroller with the car seat attached.
  • The plane is new and exciting to a baby, get on first and be settled, let the baby explore so when its time for take off they are interested in a bottle or breast.
  • Once on the plane, get prepared, unpack a bit so the essential toys and snacks are within reach
  • Bottle or breast during take offs, the sucking action helps their ears pop so they don’t feel the pressure
  • If your lucky the baby will sleep when they are done feeding
  • If not so lucky have you have some new toys and books to entertain the baby
  • Be polite. Smile and apologize if your baby is the loud one, this can help ease the tension with other passengers
  • If travelling with a spouse or family member, have them sit a few rows away. You can pass the baby back and forth and each have a break while the baby explores a new area of the plane.




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